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Strong Is Ageless

Article by HURUSA

There's no doubt about it -growing older isn't for sissies. The good news is scientific evidence concludes that physical activity extends years of active and independent living, reduces disability and improves quality of life for older adults.

Why Strength Matters...

The National Institute on Aging recommends strength-training exercises two to three days per week with a rest day between sessions. Strength-training for older adults should include exercises for all major muscle groups- shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, back, hips, and legs and is ideal for:

  • Overall Wellness A regular program of strengthening, combined with aerobic exercises, can help reduce or prevent many functional declines associated with growing older.

  • Fall Prevention Muscular strength is directly connected to functional ability and balance control, both of which help with the management of everyday chores and maintaining functional ability.

  • Lower Back Pain Strengthening of the abdominal and low back muscle core often helps relieve lower back pain.

  • Rehabilitation Strength-training modalities are critical to recovery following various injuries, surgeries or illnesses.

HUR - Air resistant strength training solutions

Strength training at least twice a week helps older adults live longer. - Penn State College of Medicine

Strength training is just what older bodies need to fight the loss of muscle mass and strength. -American College of Sports Medicine

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